Harware and Software Support

Pocono Information Technology Services provides information system hardware and software support that include, but not limited to pc, network and printer repairs, upgrade and implementation.

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Consultation Support

Pocono I.T. Services, LLC applies years of experience providing information technology support for government, private, public, big and small entities, providing you solutions that will meet your needs.

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Infrastructure Support

Pocono I.T. Services provide support for your telecommunications, networks and security. Need a new office up and functional. Give us a call.

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Website and Social Media Support

Pocono I.T. Services provides website and domain services partnering with GoDaddy. We will assist you in getting your public image up and running in a cost-effective manner.

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Pocono Information Technology Services, LLC provides a dynamic set of information technology services. The main goal for Pocono I.T. Services, LLC is to empower the small business with corporate level information technology support. In doing this it is difficult to narrow down our services. In short, we are here to keep your computers, networks, servers, phones, microwaves and workers working. In the process reducing downtime, creating efficient workflow processes, mitigating years of technological patch work by basement technicians, and overall helping you to work smarter and not harder. Keeping to this mission, a long-winded list of a plethora of services, but in general there are four areas of service, which include office support, consultation support, infrastructure support, and website and social media support. Best thing is to give us a call with your technological challenge and we’ll work out the best path for you to achieve your technological goals in a professional, timely, and cost-efficient manner.


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